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【重点单词】1.housework [haʊswɜːk] n.家务劳动Xiao Ming helps his mother do housework every day.小明天天帮妈妈做家务。2.hardly [hɑːdli] adv.险些不;简直不;刚刚We hardly ever go out on the weekends.我们很少在周末出去。Mother hardly ever gets angry with us.母亲险些从差池我们生气。...

本文摘要:【重点单词】1.housework [haʊswɜːk] n.家务劳动Xiao Ming helps his mother do housework every day.小明天天帮妈妈做家务。2.hardly [hɑːdli] adv.险些不;简直不;刚刚We hardly ever go out on the weekends.我们很少在周末出去。Mother hardly ever gets angry with us.母亲险些从差池我们生气。


【重点单词】1.housework ['haʊswɜːk] n.家务劳动Xiao Ming helps his mother do housework every day.小明天天帮妈妈做家务。2.hardly ['hɑːdli] adv.险些不;简直不;刚刚We hardly ever go out on the weekends.我们很少在周末出去。Mother hardly ever gets angry with us.母亲险些从差池我们生气。3.ever ['evə(r)] adv.曾经;在任何时候I have ever visited the Great Wall.我曾经观光过长城。

4.once [wʌns] adv.一次;曾经I go to the library once a week.我每周去一次图书馆。5.twice [twaɪs] adv.两倍;两次You can't go to the same place twice.你不行能两次去同一个地方。6.Internet ['ɪntənet] n.因特网We can get a lot of information from the Internet.我们可以从互联网上获得许多信息。

7.program ['prəʊɡræm] n.节目;法式;课程;节目单This TV program is the best of all.这个电视节目是所有节目中最好的。This TV program is much better than that one这个电视节目比谁人好得多8.full [fʊl] adj.满的;充满的;完全的The bottle is full of milk.瓶子里装满了牛奶。9.swing [swɪŋ] n.摇摆;秋千v.摇摆;旋转The little sister is swing with her friends.小妹妹正在和她的朋侪们荡秋千。

10.maybe ['meɪbi] adv.或许;也许;可能If you study hard, maybe you can pass the exam.如果你努力学习,也许你能通过考试。11.swing dance摇摆舞She wants to learn swing dance.她想学摇摆舞。12.least [liːst] adj.最小的;最少的We should read English for at least half an hour every day.我们天天至少应该读半个小时的英语。

13.at least至少I can get at least 90 points in this exam.这次考试我至少能得90分。14.hardly ever很少;险些从不;难过My brother hardly ever goes to the superm-arket.我弟弟险些从不去超市。

15.junk n.垃圾;废旧杂物Junk food is harmful to our health.垃圾食品对我们的康健有害。16.coffee ['kɒfi] n.咖啡;咖啡色Dad likes coffee at work.爸爸喜欢在事情时喝咖啡。17.health [helθ] n.康健;人的身体或精神状态Health is more important than money.康健比款项更重要。18.result [rɪ'zʌlt] .效果;结果The results of the class examination were announced.班级考试效果宣布了。

19.percent [pə'sent] adj.百分之...的Today, about 90% of people shop online.如今,约莫90%的人在网上购物。20.online [ˌɒn'laɪn] adj.在线的adv.在线的There are many online movies on thiswebsite.网上有许多关于这个的影戏的网站。21.television ['telɪvɪʒn] n.电视机;电视节目This new television is too expensive.这台新电视机太贵了。22.although [ɔːl'ðəʊ] conj.虽然;只管;然而;可是Although we were tired, we had a good time.虽然我们很累,但我们玩得很开心。

23.through [θruː] prep.穿过;凭借;一直到The Nile runs through Egypt.尼罗河流经埃及。24.body ['bɒdi] n.身体A hedgehog often shrinks his bodyinto a ball.刺猬经常把自己的身体收缩成一个球。25.mind [maɪnd] .头脑;想法;意见;心思His mind is too simple.他的头脑太简朴了。

He makes up his mind to study hard.他下定刻意努力学习。26.such [sʌtʃ] adj.这样的;如此的I like fruits such as apples and bananas.我喜欢水果,好比苹果和香蕉。27.together [tə'ɡeðə(r)] adv.配合;一起Finally, we decided to go to Beijingtogether.最后,我们决议去一起去北京。

28.die [daɪ] v.死;枯竭;消失Zhang Peng's grandfather died three years ago.张鹏的祖父三年前去世了。29.writer ['raɪtə(r)] n.作者;作家The author of the dream of Red Mansionsis Cao Xueqin.《红楼梦》的作者是曹雪芹。30.dentist ['dentɪst] n.牙科医生Dentists tell people to love their teeth.牙医告诉人们要热爱自己的牙齿。

31.magazine ['mæɡəziːn] n.杂志There are many interesting magazinesin the bookstore.书店有许多有趣的杂志。32.however [haʊ'evə(r)] adv.然而;无论如何;不管何等I want to buy a new bike, however,I don't have enough money.然而,我想买一辆新自行车,可我的钱不够。33.than [ðən] conj.比Tom is taller than Jack.汤姆比杰克高。34.almost ['ɔːlməʊst] adv.险些;差不多You can buy almost anything you wanton the internet.在互联网上你险些可以买到任何你想要的工具。

35.none [nʌn] pron.没有人;没有任何工具,毫无Everyone complained about the stone, but none of them tried to move it.每小我私家都诉苦那块石头,但没有人试着去移动它。36.less [les] adj.更少的;较少的I do more work in less time.我用更少的时间做更多的事情。

37.point [pɔɪnt] n.看法;要点;重点;小数点;目的;分数I pointed out his mistake.我指出了他的错误。38.such as例如;诸如39.junk food n.垃圾食品;无营养食品Mom won't let us eat junk food.妈妈不让我们吃垃圾食品。40.more than凌驾;多于;不仅仅;很是There are more than 50 students in ourclass.我们班有50多名学生。

41.less than不到;少于I do my homework for no less than twohours at a time我做家庭作业至少花了两小时。42.Claire 克莱尔 Sue 苏Claire has been to America.克莱尔去过美国。43.American Teenager 《美国青少年》Boys love American teenagers.男孩喜欢美国青少年。

【重点短语】1.Clean-Up Day 清洁日Every Clean-Up Day,we clean the classroom.每个清洁日,我们都要扫除课堂。2. an old people’s home 养老院The old people in the old people's homeare very happy.养老院的的老人们很是开心。3. help out with sth. 资助解决难题Li Ning often helps out with my mathproblem.李宁经常资助我解决数学问题。

4. used to 已往经常......Lili used to be quiet, but now she is veryoutgoing.丽丽已往很平静,但现在她很外向。5. care for 体贴;照顾①He didn't much care for her friends.他不太喜欢她的朋侪。②Children in kindergarten are taken goodcare of by the teacher very carefully.幼儿园的孩子们被老师照顾得很细心。

6. the look of joy 快乐的心情On June 1 children's day, the childrenshowed the look of joy.在6月1日儿童节,孩子们显出兴奋的样子。7. at the age of 在......岁时My sister began to learn to sing at the age of seven.我妹妹七岁时开始学唱歌。8.clean up 扫除(或清除)洁净Who's going to clean up this mess?谁来收拾这烂摊子?9. cheer up (使)变得更兴奋;振奋Li Ling is very sad that she failed the exam. We should cheer her up. 李玲很伤心,她考试没及格。我们应该让她兴奋起来。

10. give out 分发;散发He wouldn't give out any information.他不会透露任何信息。11. come up with 想出;提出I may come up with an idea and it may end up being something in the middle of the piece.我可能会有一个想法,但它可能会在作品的中间部门竣事。12. make a plan 制订计划We make a plan to visit the science museun tomorrow.我们计划明天去科学博物馆。13. make some notices 做些通告牌These days, the advertising company has made some notices. 这些天,广告公司已经做了一些通知。

14. try out 试用;试行Tom tried out to make a new machine.汤姆试着制造了一台新机械。15. work for 为…事情;为…. 效力We are working hard for a better life in the future.我们正在为未来的优美生活而努力事情。16. put up 制作;举起;张贴She put up an advertisement on the wall. 她在墙上贴了一则广告。17. hand out 分发;散发;发给Our teacher gave out yesterday's paper to everyone in the morning. 我们老师上午把昨天的试卷发给了大家。

18. call up 打电话;召集I called up to my mother in the morning.早上我打电话给妈妈。19. put off 推迟;延迟The sports meeting was put off because of the rain.由于下雨,运动会推迟了。

20. for example 好比;例如In Anbar, for example, a western province, there is no police forces to speak of. 例如,在西部的安巴尔省,基础就没有警员。21. raise money 筹钱;募捐The old man has raised a lot of money for hope primary school. 那位老人为希望小学筹集了许多钱。

22. take after 与......相像;像Xiao Ming takes after his farther.小明长得像他的父亲。23. give away 赠送;捐赠He gave away many books to hope primary school.他把许多书娟赠给了希望小学。24. fix up 修理;修补;解决My father fixed up the old bicycle for me. 我父亲为我修好了那辆旧自行车。

25. be similar to 与……相似Mary is very similar to her mother.玛丽和她母亲长得很像。26. set up 建设;设立A new library has been set up in our school我们学校建了一个新图书馆。27. disabled people 残疾人He sent some beautiful flowers to the disabled people. 他给残疾人送了一些漂亮的花。28. make a difference 影响;有作用I wanted to make a difference in the world somehow, but I had no idea how to do that.我想以某种方式改变这个世界,但我不知道该怎么做。

29. be able to 能够I will be able to finish the work by myself. 我将能够独自完成这项事情。30. after-school reading program 课外阅读项目Our school has set up many after-school reading programs. 我们学校设立了许多课外阅读项目。





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